A guide to haveyouseen
A guide to adding products
A guide to Collections and Wishlists


How do I share a link?
Because sharing is what gets your balance to skyrocket, we've made sure it's very easy. When you're browsing through collections, tags, and more, you can simply hover over the item you like and click on "Share & earn". If you've already clicked on an item and are looking at its details, you won't be able to miss the orange "Share & earn" button. When you add an item, the fourth step of the process is entirely dedicated to sharing. You can also share by adding an item to your collections. Any time someone buys from them, you get a commission! And of course, you can always just copy & paste your personal haveyouseen link to the product of your choice. Remember - sharing is caring but it's also earning so share away and enjoy the well-deserved cash!
How do I add a product?
At the top right side of your homepage, you will see "ADD" written in orange. Click on it and follow the four steps.
What happens if somebody has already added my product?
Our system will recognise the product and let you know it’s already been added. At that point, you will get a link and will still be able to share and earn, but the commission will be slightly smaller than what it would have been if you had added it first.
What is the Bookmarklet and how do I use it?
Just drag this handy-dandy button onto your browser's bookmarks bar and you'll be ready to roll… Don't see your bookmarks bar? For Safari and Firefox click your 'view' menu and then 'show bookmarks bar'. For Internet Explorer click your 'tools' button, point to 'toolbars' and click 'favorites bar'. It'll fit in nicely! Once you have the bookmarklet installed, as you are browsing the internet and are on a product page, simply click the ADD button on your bookmarks bar and you will jump straight into the ADD process of haveyouseen, without ever having to leave the current page.
What is an affiliated retailer/ merchant?
We partner with businesses that sell online such as Amazon, eBay, M&S, Debenhams, Currys, Halfords and many other brands. They are the ones who handle your payment, shipping, and handling. We make sure you earn a commission for your efforts. Affiliated retailers/ merchants are those that we have a commission agreement in place with and you will only be able to earn commission on sales from them.
What happens if I try to add a product but you don’t have a relationship with the retailer/ merchant?
Sorry about that! You can still add the product but you won’t earn a commission when you recommend it. We’re constantly adding more of your favourite brands so you can either add it now and earn when there’s an agreement in place or let us know that you really want them on board – and we’ll do our best to prioritise them! We read all of your feedback.
I can’t login. I have forgotten my password.
To login you will need the email address and password you registered with us. If you have forgotten your password you can request a reminder.
Which social networks do you support?
We currently integrate with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. You can link your account to these networks through your Account profile page. Integrating your social networks with your haveyouseen account will make sharing a breeze! You are also able to share your copied link via email and other platforms like Whatsapp, MessageMe, WeChat etc.
Can I use Instagram to share my cool finds?
Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t enable clickable links under photos. What you can do is post a link to your favourite collection or item on your Instagram profile description.
How do I add a product to my collections?
When you add a product you will have the option of adding it to your collections right after step 4 “Share and earn from your item!”. If you’re just browsing and stumble upon an item that you love, all you need to do is hover over it with your mouse and click on “+Collection”. A pop-up screen will appear with all your different options, such as which collection you want to add it to or how to share it.
How do I create new collections?
When you add a product and press “Add to collection” or when you pass over an item and press “+Collection”, you’ll be able to create a new collection on the right hand side of the pop-up screen.
What is the difference between a collection and my wishlist?
Your wishlist is strictly private, whereas your collections can be either public or private. Public collections will appear on your user profile, but your wishlist never will. For example, you may be searching for gift ideas for a friend. You can browse around and add products you think he/ she might like to either your private collection or your wishlist without having to worry about him/ her finding out.
Am I able to purchase from my own links?
Of course, we don’t discriminate :) It only makes sense that you’d want to buy the items you think are awesome. When you buy it you’ll get a commission that will be added to your balance.
My search didn’t give me any results.
First, you may want to try again using a simpler query. For example, remove certain words or the brand. You never know what you may find! If your search was simple to begin with, we may not have what you’re looking for yet. Fellow members are adding products every day, so don’t hesitate to check back later or add something yourself.
My type of product doesn’t appear in the top categories. Does that mean you don’t have it?
Our top categories are very broad. Within them, there are tons of different products you can search for using tags, collections, retailer, cost, and so on.
What happens when an item is no longer available for purchase?
When you try to buy it, you’ll see that it’s no longer available and flag it, after which we’ll remove the item. That’s the power of our community being in charge!
How do I signal an inappropriate, illegal or unavailable item?
Very easy! Click on the item and look for a flag under its description. Our team will review it as soon as possible and remove it if it’s inappropriate for haveyouseen.
What happens when somebody unfairly flags an item?
No worries, our team reviews each flagged item and if there’s no problem, it’ll stay on our site.
How do I know if an item is sold at a reduced price?
If an item is sold at a special price, it will either be labelled in the description or on the page where you’re browsing. Either way, we make sure you know.
How do I look for items sold by my favourite brand?
There are two ways you can do this. Either you can search by retailer, or you can search by tag and write the brand’s name into the search query.
How can I contact haveyouseen?
Our forum will be available shortly for any kind of questions you may have. Until then, feel free to use our contact form in the About section. We love to hear from you and promise to read everything that comes our way!
Are all items from associated merchants admissible?
We won’t allow illegal, inappropriate or adult content.
There’s a problem with my order, who do I contact?
We don’t handle your order at haveyouseen. If there is a problem related to product or shipping, it has to be addressed with the seller. If the seller is unresponsive or repeatedly mishandles orders, feel free to contact us and we will investigate. It might also help to post on the forum to see if other users have experienced similar problems to yours.
Can I call you?
We currently don’t offer phone support but if there is something that you’ve repeatedly felt you need tell us, feel free to use the forum or out contact form.
Who are you?
Meet the team in the About section. We always love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to contact us via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+.
How will I know when haveyouseen launches in my country?
The same way we’re constantly signing up new retailers, we’ll be working on expanding to new countries. Stay in touch with us via social media and we’ll make sure to keep you updated. You can also send us a message via the contact form or post on our forum and we’ll register your request.
Does it cost anything to join?
If you wish to join haveyouseen you do not need to make any investment or pay money. We pay you! We're here to fill your bank accounts, not to empty them.
Can you tell me more about the website cookie settings?

Website cookies are an essential element, allowing us to provide you with the best possible service.

Site Features - Used to help provide you a consistent service and simple things like keeping you logged into the site for a period of time. This allows you access to your account, lets you pick your default settings, allows you to share links to social media such as Facebook and remember your login details should you choose to.

Site Monitoring - Used to help us monitor for activity on the site and to improve our service to you. We’ll share your site activity information anonymously with Google for the purposes of calculating site visitor numbers and unique visitors.

Sale Tracking - Used to record when a sale has been made using one of your links so that we can make sure you get paid for it! This allows us to track a sales transaction referred through the system using a unique identifier. We use a number of different providers in order to cover each retailer/ merchant that we work with. Each retailer should provide information on their individual use of cookies for this purpose.

For more information about Cookies - please see our Cookie Policy
How do I delete my account?
Please use the contact form on the About page and let us know that you would like to have your account removed.
How does the loyalty program work?
The haveyouseen loyalty program has four distinct levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum (see “How do the levels work”). Your earnings potential is directly related to your loyalty level, ensuring there is immediate and ongoing value attributed to achieving the higher membership levels. All new users start as Bronze members and can gain points through various activities and actions on the site. As you reach a threshold number of points, you are promoted to the next level.
Do loyalty points expire?
You gain points on an ongoing basis, however your current points at any point in time will be for a 3 month trailing period (90 days). Therefore any point gained will expire 3 months after the date it was gained. In order to stay within your desired membership level, you need to maintain a certain level of activity.
How do the levels work?

All haveyouseen members start as Bronze members and can then climb the ladder as soon as certain points thresholds are achieved. Your membership level affects the social graph reach and percentage commission you’re able to earn. More details on this can be found under the “Earnings” section.

Bronze Member

  • Between 0 and 99 Points
  • Earn 3 levels deep on the social graph as per the “Earnings” section

Silver Member

  • Between 100 and 199 Points
  • Earn 4 levels deep on the social graph as per the “Earnings” section

Gold Member

  • Above 200 points
  • Earn 5 levels deep on the social graph as per the “Earnings” section

Platinum Member

  • Above 1000 points
  • Earn 6 levels deep
  • Earn 6 levels deep: 6 Degrees of separation on the planet - you’ll could theoretically reach every person on the globe through the power of the social graph :)
How do I gain points?

There are numerous ways to gain points on haveyouseen and these fall into the following categories:

Just joined:

+5 for adding a new product with a review
+1 for writing your own review or comment on a product already listed
-1 if another member rates your review or comment as bad. This means that they find it as spammy, incomplete or just not very useful
0 if another member rates your review or comment as OK. This means that they find it pretty decent and helpful with their decision to purchase
+1 if another member rates your review or comment as brilliant. This means that they find it very useful and it shares good knowledge and insight
+2 for sharing an item on a social network
+1 for creating a collection
+5 for completing your profile to 100%

Using it quite a bit:

+5 for adding a new product with a review
+5 for every 10 items shared through at least one social network
+5 for every 5 collections created, with at least 5 items inside
+5 for solving an issue on the forum

Sharing the news about haveyouseen:

+5 for getting a mate to join haveyouseen through one of your unique sharing links
+10 for getting 10 mates to join haveyouseen through one of your unique links


From time to time haveyouseen runs promotions to help you gain more loyalty points. We would normally alert you to these promotions via email, so ensure you always keep an eye out for emails from haveyouseen.

Can I buy loyalty points?
The only way to be a haveyouseen Superstar is by staying active. We’ve set up the program to reward you for using haveyouseen!
How does earnings work?
It depends on the retailer. Each retailer is different. When you add a link from a retailer you will see an estimated percentage of what you can earn.
How much can I earn?
It depends on your loyalty level, your position within the recommendation chain as well as the retailer. Each retailer is different. When you add a link from a retailer we partner with we provide you with an estimated percentage of what you could earn from any resulting transactions. Bear in mind the person you send the link to may buy more or less than you expected which in turn will affect your earnings.
How do the loyalty levels affect my earnings?

Your loyalty level affects the share of commision you receive for any particular transaction, as well as the social graph reach for your earnings. That means how many tiers away from you will still generate commision payments to you.

Bronze Member

  • Receive 70% of commission on original share when you add the product
  • Receive 60% of commission when re-sharing an existing item
  • Earn 3 levels deep on the social graph, receiving 10% of commission on sales

Silver Member

  • Receive 80% of commission on original share when you add the product
  • Receive 60% of commission when re-sharing an existing item
  • Earn 4 levels deep on the social graph, receiving between 10% and 20% of commission on sales

Gold Member

  • Receive 90% of commission on original share when they added the product
  • Receive 60% of commission when re-sharing an existing item
  • Earn 5 levels deep on the social graph, receiving between 10% and 20% of commission on sales

Platinum Member

  • Receive 90% of commission on original share when you add the product
  • Receive 60% of commission when re-sharing an existing item
  • Earn 6 levels deep on the social graph, receiving between 5% and 25% of commission on sales
Is there a difference between being the first to add a product and re-sharing an existing item?
Yes. There is significant benefit to being the first person to add new products. You receive a greater percentage of commission when you are the first person to add a product to haveyouseen. You also have the benefit of receiving commissions on sales generated when other users re-share your product. You are essentially at the top of the payment chain for any person that recommends the product you have added, to their social graph. You are therefore in line to receive a commission every single time someone purchases that product.
Do I get a commission by sharing a product directly from an affiliate merchant website?
No, the only way we can be sure you get your commission is by using a haveyouseen generated link. If you don’t, we won’t be able to track your purchase and give you a percentage of sale.
My commission for a product I recommended is lower than expected.
Our goal is always for you to earn as much as possible, but the percentage guide we provide is an estimate. Some retailers only pay commission on the sales price excluding VAT and most don’t pay commission on postage charges so this may affect the commission you earn.
My commission for a product I recommended is more than expected.
That is typically due to the power of the social graph and our networked earnings model. Before you know it your recommendation could have reached thousands of people and generated many sales. Additionally, when you make a recommendation, someone might buy your item as well as some other items from that site. You will receive a commission on their entire shopping basket, not just the item you recommended.
How do I get paid?
The most important question! As long as you have more than £20 in your account balance you can request a payment via your account page. Money can be withdrawn via Paypal. Once you have requested a payment it should reach your account within 10 working days.
I shared with a friend, and they went on to buy but no commission is showing in my account?
Oh, no! The first step is to confirm that the retailer is affiliated with haveyouseen. You can test this by entering a link from their website into our Add page. If the retailer is not a partner of ours we will let you know. Transaction confirmations from retailers can take up to two weeks to show in your account so with a little patience the issue may resolve itself. If you know your friend made the purchase please email us with any supporting evidence at feedback@haveyouseen.com and we will investigate the issue with the partner.
I don’t really care about earning a commission.
We understand that some people may not be interested in a commission but enjoy the rest of the haveyouseen experience. However, we urge you not to let your balance go to waste by donating it to one of our charity partners.
What are the differences between payment statuses - “estimated”, “confirmed”, “payable” and “paid”?
  • Estimated - Merchants have a return period, usually about 30 days, during which the commission earned isn’t confirmed yet because the buyer may choose to send back the product. In that case, a sale is void and the person who recommended the product doesn’t get the commission.
  • Confirmed - Once the return period is over, the commission earned will be confirmed.
  • Payable - When your balance has reached the minimum of £20, you will be able to withdraw the money.
  • Paid - When the balance has been transferred to your Paypal account.
I can’t use Paypal or don’t have a bank account but would still like to use the site.
One option is to find a person you trust who can associate their Paypal account to your haveyouseen account. If you do not have a PayPal account you can also get paid via Payza (https://www.payza.com - Minimum withdrawal $5) or Payoneer (http://www.payoneer.com - Minimum withdrawal $10). Even without a Paypal account you can still create collections, browse other people’s items, check out user profiles, and so on. You can even recommend products, you just won’t be able to withdraw the money from your balance.
What happens if I don't earn enough to be paid?
If you don’t earn the minimum amount to be paid this month, do not worry. Your earnings will be carried over until the next month or until you have made the minimum amount. It doesn't matter if it's next month or next year.
Can one Paypal account be linked to more than one haveyouseen accounts?
Yes. For example, if you’re not old enough to have your own Paypal/ bank account yet, you can use your sibling’s or parents’, even if they also use haveyouseen. You will know how much to collect because you decide how much to take out of your balance.
Can one haveyouseen account support several Paypal accounts?
No, one Paypal account per haveyouseen account.
Can I pay for products on the site with my haveyouseen balance directly?
No, but you can pay with it once it’s been transferred to your Paypal/ bank account.
How often can I be paid?
You can only withdraw your total balance every time it reaches a minimum of £20.
We don’t like spam
You want your friends to be impressed with your recommendations and finds. Only share items you know they would be interested in buying.
Where’s the money coming from?
The funds come directly from the retailer/ merchant who you buy the product from. They are very happy to reward people who recommend their products and through their partnership with haveyouseen we enable this to happen.
Will the full name I gave during signup be displayed across the site?
No, we respect your privacy too much for that. Under account settings, you’ll be able to choose a unique username that will be used across the site. Until then, it will be your email address.
Are the reviews legitimate?
We do our absolute best to make sure they are legitimate by penalizing those that have foul language and just aren’t helpful. The community gets to decide what reviews helped them with their decision to purchase, we don’t. The user who posted the bad review is penalized by the community by losing loyalty points, or being banned from the site if their contributions are consistently detrimental to the experience of haveyouseen.